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November 24, 2008



Glad to see you revived this blog again. Nice post. Interesting that a belt drive would be proposed as early as 1890. I wonder if this design was one of the precursors to the motorcycle? Happy New Year.



Thank you for this great site. I have just covered the bicycle technology in the blog archive... and a few other nifty tidbits.

When I was reading you must have added yet another piece of information...! This time on vintage patent concerning the (much hyped today as the latest and greatest) belt drive technology.

Gates or no carbon, our ancestors could think, and invent. A rich treasure for us!

I am going to test ride a few bicycles with carbon belt drive this year (C'Dale, Nicolai, maybe a third one) to find out if it is really worth while to buy one.

Thanks for your information!


Tracey Mc

As someone who just spent two hours replacing the chain on her mountain bike, I wonder what that belt was made of and how often it had to be greased!

Bob S.

Tracey: Wow, two hours seems like a lot of time to replace a chain. I thought that belt drive bike was interesting because a new bike just came out with belt drive, like it was a very new technology. Not. It was done 100 years ago. They probably have better belts now, however. By the way, when you replace a chain you often have to replace the freewheel or cassette also, for best results. Bob

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an interesting topic on how the bike was invented and what was his first model before it become popular in the whole world.

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This is wonderful; i have never seen a clear model of such kind of bikes from earlier time. This is great to know about these bikes, actually i have never heard about the bikes running on belts.

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Its like a I am seeing an old bike that I used to have when I was young when I saw this post.

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