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April 17, 2008


Franchise Whale

Really enjoyed it, I wanted to click out and
you kept pulling me back in! Many thanks
and keep up the great work!

Sune Portin

In the late 1950ies i had a friend who had a tadpole trike made from old bike parts. It had a plywood body that was painted red. It looked like a sports car and seated two kids. Both had pedals and the one sitting to the left steered with a steering wheel. I was chain driven with the chain going from the pedals that were under the hood to the rear wheel. It was fun. To my knowledge there is no photo of the contraption and I do not know what finally happened to it.

John Segal


I just found this web site that lets you download patents as PDF files for free. Its http://www.patentretriever.com/

Thought I'd share this little gem with those that are interested.



Hey Thanks John! That information for the free patent retrieval service was good! I use it almost everyday at work. I like how there's no registration and search is fast! If you know about any sites like www.patentretriever.com let me know!

Patent & Trademark Attorney in New York, New Jersey

Another site I sometimes use is pat2pdf.org ... or if you want to do simple keyword searches and download in PDF you can use google.com/patents

Smart Brains

Interesting idea, the lit flagpole, though that’s really expensive.
I went for more conventional lighting when I built mine, though it is still LED style, except for my bar headlight (which is CCFL).
If you’re industrious, and into recycling items into items you need, I’ve started an instructable for my lighting system here:
Support for Technology

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