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March 18, 2007



Good summary. This post will help people from being lured (suckered) into paying money for "How to win the pinewood Derby". Yes, that's a common amount of work for the Dad to do. For some Pinewood Humor, watch the movie "Down and Derby" - its hilarious.

george simpson

I am looking for information on an old oak car I found having red wooden wheels and US Scout printed on the side along with other blue stenciling.

It has a hole in the top of about 1/3 in. where the driver could be and there is a small nail hole just in front. I think that it probably held the windshield. I would be glad to send pictures.

Of course I would love to have someone tell me that it is a derby car, but I do not think so.


In most races it's now illegal to have one wheel off the ground. It was a family secret of ours 30 odd years ago(!) Anyways, nice write-up. Another tip is to put the weight towards the back of the car, but not so far back that you end up popping wheelies. Center of gravity 1 inch in front of the back wheels is cool. Also, we're not allowed to lengthen the distance between the front and back axles.

Mark 42

Pinewood Derby Tips:
If oil is allowed, use it instead of Graphite. Ask - we lost our first year because I assumeb oil was not allowed.
Make the car very light, then put weight as far aft as possible. The front wheels guide the car and have the most friction, so keep weight off of them.
Lightly contersing the hole through the wheel. Round off all edges with very fine sandpaper. Break the sharp edge on the nail heads (axles).
Make sure your car rolls in a straight line.
You can purchase or make many tools - like a wheel alignment jig for drilling axle holes.
But most of all... have fun.

sarah lynn

did the red wedge win??? im just curious cuz im 13 years old and i won 3rd place for 3 years in a row. i wanna try 2 wim 1st this year, my dad said the red wedge car should probably be the first place one, but im not so sure?? would i be able to use the design from it?? thanks, sarah

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