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December 24, 2006



A single-edge knife that can cut through trees? Incredible!

The price is quite reasonable.

Scott B.

Knifeys call the grind a "Scandi grind." By far the best information page masquerading as a shop for these knives is Ragnar's Ragweed Forge. I love the fact that such a serious and iconic knife is made of common materials, by the many thousands, and sells for $15 or less.

Debby E Fitzgerald

i'm 55 years old and have had hundreds of knives over the years.the moras have become my handsdown favorites in less that two weeks use!


At age 52, I have had many knives with most being made by well known manufacturers. Yet, over the last 13-years, I use Mora knives exclusively for hunting and camping as well as in the kitchen. I have found nothing else performs as well as the Scandi grind, along with the excellent and well tempered steel. These knives are the finest regardless of price. The price only enhances their value. Most knives today are manufactured to appeal to our testosterone levels rather than function. These Scandinavian knives, including most of the Finnish knives, put function ahead of form. They are made to be used and used hard.


I just purchased four Mora knives from the guy at ragweedforge. Two 860's with stainless blades, a 740 and a number 1 both with carbon steel blades. The transaction was first-class. I got the shipment in two business days priority mail. Natural-Outlaw nails it in the above comment regarding the quality here. Don't let the price fool you. This is a serious value. Three of these knives will be gifts and I'm already reccommending them to every guy I know who works or plays outdoors. Cheers.

Cor Viljoen

I have a Erik Frost rostfri knive. Model # 2615. Can you tell me what its worth?


I have a Mora Classic #1 and Mora 711. The #1 has a wooden handle and the #711 has a rubbery/plastic handle. Both knives are made of carbon steel, holds an edge and easy to sharpen. I use both knives in backpacking, out of town trip with family and in the kitchen. Great knives at a price of less than US$15 each. I own a machete and several multi tool (Victorinox and Leatherman) but I prefer my Mora on our of town trips and excursion.


I recently got a Mora 860--green plastic handle and sheath with a thin layer of textured rubber bonded to the grip portion of the handle. Made a couple of improvements to the sheath--one, having to do with the way it's carried and the other, adding a piece of cord to keep the knife more secure in the sheath. Just today I drilled a hole in the handle for a wrist lanyard.

I first sharpened it to get rid of those ugly factory grind marks and I maintain the edge by stropping on a leather strop with honing compound.

It's become my favorite knife for yard work and practicing bushcraft skills I may never need to use. :)

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