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June 13, 2006



Sweet! I have a couple semi-defunct older bikes hanging around that I just can't bring myself to sell; I expect to have a story or two like yours in another decade. So, does riding it make you feel old or young again?

Marcus Dillecti

Nice careful job Robert. Looks great!



Sean Murphy

Wonderful! I have a 1977 Grand Record! Great bike, rode it across the US in 1980. Unfortunately, it does not look as nice as yours after a recent crash!. I found you blog while looking for a source for a new fork. Did you find parts any where else than ebay?


Your frame in the silver/black paint scheme is identical to mine.......I bought mine from a bike shop in Spokane, 1972-73. It has been warm and dry in my garage!! I gave the original leather Brooks saddle to a friend, also of cyclist infavor of a 'gel' type saddle, comfort.......never could get that leather one adjusted correctly.......I could today, oh well.


I have just restored two of the Motobecanes', one Grand Record and the other a Grand Jubile. You will be pleased to know that all the decals have now been reproduced and are available for the restorations. BT


I too have a 1973 Motobecane Grand Record. What a great riding bike. I rode it in NYC, at college in New Jersey, and did daily 25 mile loops around Belle Island in Detroit in the early 80s. I bought a new road bike (DeRosa) in 1989, but now I'd like to start riding the Motobecane again because of its easier touring gears. I'd be interested in knowing what specific parts you used to upgrade your bike. Thanks.

I put on a new campy seat post (be sure and get the right diameter), a new Cinelli stem, and Cinelli handlebars. And that is all I replaced. I did find original decals (replicas) for $40. Pricey, but nice. I ride that bike to work, and it has been fun to get it tuned up better than it ever was. I might look for 27" wheels, with campy hubs and mavic rims, then I'd be done.


I to wish to restore a Motobecane. Where can I purchase the decals?


I just repurchased my 74 Grand Jubilee from the person I sold it to back in 92. Worse for the wear, but fixable. Front derailaure gone but no rust. I purchased a mid 80's Trek Tri Series thinking it would be better. It wasn't but couldn't admit it. Have`been riding recumbent for the past 3 years. The somewhat ridable Jubilee is as much of a treat as I remember. Yes, it makes you feel young again. The restoration project started yesterday.

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