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March 26, 2006


Baby Gifts

I think that it’s so odd to look back in time and see what people used to give their young kids as gifts and how that compares to the mindset of people in current times. For example, I do not know many parents who would “give” their young sons a knife like this. I’m sure that they boys come by knives eventually on their own, but most parents work so hard to keep their kids away from these kind of harmful or dangerous items that I think many young boys and girls miss out on a lot of learning and discovering as a kid. I mean, how are you supposed to know that the fire’s hot if you never touch it; likewise, how are you supposed to learn to be responsible with a knife if you are never given the opportunity? I also like how something that was once twelve and a half cents is now hundreds of dollars.

Baby Gifts

Very interesting! I wonder how many people still have a knife or two like this lying around that their parents or grandparents had? I bet they don’t even know what it’s worth! I also think it’s very interesting that kids used to be given knives as toys yet today we’re so caution about what our children can and cannot play with. Of course, I’m not sure most parents would want their kids emulating Tom Sawyer these days (or even in the old days!). I also like the story of George Washington and his Barlow knife. That’s very cool. Do you know how much that knife is worth now, and if it has been loaned to any museum or collection? That would make for one incredible family heirloom, and I hope the teamster’s descendents know how valuable such an item is.


'I been a wagoner all my life, all I got is a Barlow knife. Barlow handle and a barlow blade, best darn knife that's ever been made.' Yeah, that's a great old tune. I have a bunch of old pocket knives, but no Barlows. I've given my kids pocket knives as gifts. In fact, when at a loss as to what gift to buy for somebody, I'll give them a pocket knife.

Dave Navoyosky

A few American and foreign companies still make these famous barlow knives. They can be seen at www.barlow-knives.com.

Lillie Washington

My father who is now deceased has a jewelery box full of various knives. I have had them all since 1996 and just decided to really look at them. One of the knives is a Barlow CAMCO. He always used his knives when he went fishing, for cutting something when we were away from home, screwing and unscrewing and etc. As a child I remember the Barlow because he used it more that he did the others. I know he loved his Barlow knife. I am now passing it on to my only son and he will pass it on to his only son. We will keep a Barlow in the family.


I recently pulled out a barlow knive my father gave me it was made by colonial. Well wanting to hand this barlow down to my son; in keeping with the time honored tradition. So I set out to buy a new barlow knife looked at a few companys and decided too with bear and sons even though it was hc stainless.Ihave to say it just dose not add up too my barlow that Pops gave to me as a kid. My colonial knife holds an way sharper edge and fits in the hand better so my bear and sons knife will undoughtably end up in the the box that I put knives I dont use.
In addition to buying that bear and son I have made it my mission to find a purely carbon steel barlow made by Case or Camillus ect... and they are hard to find these days maybee I will learn to make them and go into buisness someday or we can create the demand for these knives any hoo thanks for reading my story


Barlows are the greatest invention since the wheel. If your looking for a tru-nuf Barlow, look at Boker USA they got one made in Grand Canyon Bone ( worm groove ) that is all carbon, blades and back springs. It is a stout and robust user. I know cause I got three in Grand Canyon Bone, Green Bone, and Red Bone. Lots of folks say a Barlow is to bulky for carrying, but I forget its in my pocket till I need it. It is tuff to beat. WR Case does make Barlow knives in different bone handle material, but I haven't seen one yet in all carbon. WR Case makes pocket knives in chrome vanadium, 1095 plus a little chrome like 5% and a little vanadium like 10%. Great steel, then they go and mess the whole darn knife up by putting in stainless steel backsprings. I don't know if Bear & Son does this nonsense or not. Just doesn't seem right to mismatch the blades and backsprings of a what could be perfect knife. Never the less the CV knives that WR Case make are top shelf quality. I just prefer Boker because of their old style way of making their pocket knives. Boker also made a fantastic Grandaddy Barlow 5 inches with an easyout pull cut in the nail nick side. Beautifull sawcut Brown and Antique green bone. These pocket knives were made for J.Russell & Co. You can still find them at BladeMatrix.com I think. Anyways, Barlows are fine pocket knives, you can't go wrong if you buy a good one. Happy hunting.

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