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February 07, 2005



I am looking for information on a revolver I belive was made in the mid-1800's. It look very similar to the Walker Colt but it has two triggers. One trigger seems to set the hammer. The pistol was in a barn fire many years ago. I can not find any markings on it. If anyone has any ideas about it please let me know.


Hello my name is Jody W.

I would like you to e-mail me on information you could provide me for a 1850 colt black powder revlover. It's a very old gun that my grandfather had owned his whole life and is now in my possesion. I would like to know if you could provide any information to help me on my search. I'm just not sure who I could contact for it. I would like to have the gun cleaned and apraised by a professinal though I am not trusting of many people, expecially with an expensive piece of possibly civil war history. Thanks!
If anyone that reads this could help me also I would love to hear from you, please e-mail me at. [email protected] my names Jody. I can provide pictures if needed.

Jon Cook

I believe I have come across a gentleman that owns an original Walker Colt, and did not realize what he owned. It has some rust pitting, and a very poor bore, but is mechanically functional. It has had an add on loading lever lock installed at the hinging point of the loading lever. The happer won't stay back unless the trigger is held forward, so the spring in weak or needs replacing. Otherwist the finish is so so, some blue and case hardening remains, and the grips are very good. All serial number seem to match, in the 47,000 range. Email me at [email protected] if you can give me any confirming info.

Jon Cook

corrections to the blog concerning the Colt Walker: it is the Hammer that won't stay back, not the happer, and Otherwise, the finish is so so.

Doug Honkala

I have come across a colt firearm that resembles an 1850's model army navy revolver. I'd like to know more about it .
The serial # is 102806.How do I find dates of manufacture and other related info?


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Ron Kent

Your website is interesting and informative. I am a writer/researcher currently working on a project. I would like to obtain detailed information as to what type of pistols/revolvers would be common to Texas Rangers around 1860-1870. I keep running into the Walker Colt and the information so far confuses me. I am not a weapons person and am having difficulty understanding these weapons. My protagonist is a captain in the rangers during that period. Any direction or assistance will be greatly appreciate.
Thank you/ Ron Kent


I have an 1850 colt revolver with ships on the chamber. It also has "Engaged 16 May 1843. Can someone mail me information on this gun or let me know what it might be worth? The barrel has "Connecticut Valley Arms Inc. The serial number is 105 then a symbol then a 9.


I have a 1843 for sale........ill send pic its in perfect conditions

Ron Leffler

did they kake this gun with any brass, I have one with a brass trigger guard, and the mainframe below the cylinder, I am guessing it is a replica, it is very old, and has a serial # of 3208

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