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February 03, 2005


Bob  Shaver

How about if his extension cord or drill fell into the water?

Bob  Shaver

You'll have to explain in a little more detail how that would not be harmful before I'll be dropping a radio in my hot tub while I'm in it.


Well... The electric current flows from an high potential (+) to a low potential (-). One wire from the outlet has a high potential and the other has a low potential. The curent likes to take the least resistant way from + to - (like many of us also :) ). Droping your radio in your hot tub makes no difference, the current will follow the least resistant path wich may be through the water or not, depending on the water resistance. Why would the curent wanted to flow thru you? Well it would if you were the least resistant way to a low potential. But that low potential wire is there in the tub also, so the curent will go to that if the water was less resistant the the internal circuit of the radio. You will get electrocuted if you were holding the two wires because you would be the least resistant way from + to -. So :) have a nice bath :D


Yes falling into the water with the cord is not the problem...however should his metal drill short he would make a nice conductor between ground and the power source. It appears from the photo to be an old drill w/o the grounding plug. He is taking a chance....why not just use a cordless drill.


I think this would be an interesting myth to solve, for the mythbusters on Discovery Channel :)

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