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January 13, 2005



I have 3 Jones Tent+Awning trappers, a no 3 and 2 no 2s but one no 2 is about 2or 3 inches wider than the other but the same hight, was there a size change at some time? My no 3 is badly broken, does anyone else have a wreck I can get parts from? Mr. Farrow have you sold all your extra bags, I would be interested in having a look, I need 2! [email protected]


We made a form in high school in 1955, steamed and bent our 3 cross bows. We used white oak for these ribs and spruce for the uprights. We bought our canvas from Jones Tent and Awning and made our straps from surplus military webbing. Some of us used a tumpline attached to the top of the uprights. I have my original and a later purchased Trapper Nelson.
I still have my 35 year old 4.5 lb down filled [email protected] sleeping bags. Good to -40*.
Whoever said they are uncomfortable does not have a clue. As 14 year old kids, we packed 70 pounds on many week long hikes.

T.R. Ford

-used a Trapper Nelson pack while during an elk survey in Olympic National Park in 1958. It served the purpose very well and it seems to be the forerunner of the 1950's first Kelty. It was borrowed from the Forest Service and may have been one of those under the originl contract for 500.

Bill Loder

I met Mr. Nelson, who lived next door to my grandfather in Kirkland, Wa. when I was very young. And yes, I used this pack for many years, and I still have it today. Thanks for the memories.

Tony Broscomb

I have finally acquired a "Trapper Nelson" Pintail model made by Edward Lipsett and my collection is complete, having decided to pass on trying to add a red-bagged Trager. It's all getting too expensive and as my wife asks, how many more do I need?

tommy morrison

i got a trappers nelson packboard is real old looking and got the reg canvus on it and it got onne rod going down the side and the strings going zig zag acrss it and metal rod in the middle if you know anytthing thingh about it please let know and send you pics of it and let me what it is and old of it is please and all is thewre and good straps still and label is o top of the canvus of it and the wood is steam bent to and good shape

Tim Conrad

I have one of these up for auction. Came to me many years ago via a family friend.

johny.maple/Tony Broscomb

I have a correction to make of one of my previous statements on the similarity between the different makes of the Trapper Nelsons. The Jones Tent & Awning Pioneer and the Edward Lipsett Pintail are similar to each other, but not to the Trager model I have. The Pioneer and Pintail brand bags are actually wedge-shaped, opening wider towards the top. As for broken parts, the benefit of having a wooden frame, like the birch bark canoes of old, is that repairs can be made from materials at hand. I made a retaining rod from a wire coat hanger for one of my packs. Finally, I found and have been corresponding with Edward Lipsett's great grandson who told me that initially, Lipsett's was west-coast fishing oriented and branched out into other endeavours including the making of the packboards w. bags, tents, camping equipment, etc., for use by prospectors and miners. Charles H. Jones started his company right after the great fire that levelled downtown Vancouver. Jones was able to cash in on sales to the prospective Klondike gold miner's rush. Coincidentally, the Lipsett and Jones families moved west from the Lunenburg area of Nova Scotia around 1850-1870 or so.


Hello Gentlemen ~

I have a Trapper Nelson Pack Board Patent 1505661. Trager Mfg Co. Seattle Wa.
The Indian logo is facing left..

I have a larger pack board that is very similar to the first in design and style,
Where the label would be is now covered with fabric. I am hesitant to remove
The stitching to see if a label is there.

Both pack boards are in great condition. The removable packs are in great shape
too, except for some water marks on the canvas.

I am interested in selling these pack boards. If you would like to see photos of them
Please email me : [email protected]


Re: Jones Tent and Awning. Further research necessitates more corrections. CH Jones opened shop on Water St., Vancouver in 1886, the same year as the big fire and relocated afterwards in 1887. Also, he was from St. John, NB., not Lunenburg, NS. I had on a rarer Edward Lipsett Ltd Pintail packboard today and it felt very comfortable, every bit as good as the Trager and the JT&A Pioneer packs.

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