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January 06, 2005



What great technology! Plus technology keeps getting more economical now, and that’s what people really notice. Wind energy, solar power, hybrids and zap EV’s, our choices are good. There are now electric cars being sold everyday, you just plug it into a regular power outlet. When people test drive them they say it’s far more fun to drive an EV.


"The rounds were .30 to .40 caliber,"

In the US, the bullet was .30 caliber, with the cartridge being known as the .30-40 Krag, or .30-40 Govt.

The "40" refers to the equivalent charge in grains of black powder for the smokeless powder charge actually used in the cartridge.

So, the .30-40:
A .30 caliber bullet with a smokeless powder charge equivalent to 40 grains of black powder.

This same method of nomenclature is used for the famous .30-30 Winchester cartridge- a .30 caliber bullet with a charge of smokeless powder equivalent to 30 grains of black powder.

The Krag was issued in Norway (cal. 6.5mm) Denmark (cal. 8mm), and Sweden (cal. 6.5mm), also.

David Chappell (Krag-Jørgensen M1898 shooter!)

I'm very sorry, but you are mistaken. The '40' in 30-40 does NOT refer to a 'black powder equivalent' at all. It simply refers to the charge weight, in grains, of the smokeless propellant used in the cartridge.

It is a hangover from blackpowder cartridge usage, and as it was the first smokeless US Government cartridge, they stuck with the same nomeclature - that is bullet calibre followed by charge weight!

It was the same for the later 30-30.


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i like this part of the post:"A skilled shooter using the Krag could shoot 43 aimed shots in 2 minutes, although the shortcoming was seen as it being slow to load the magazine. Use of the Krag didn't last long. The Army found a replacement for the Krag in the 1903 Springfield rifle, the Army's main battle rifle of WWI." is very good

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