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January 14, 2005


James Brown

Your info about the WW1 Doughboys was wrong. It was infantry of the BRITISH Expeditionary Force (the BEF) who's rifle fire was mistaken for machine guns by the germans in 1914. Stop trying to steal our history ;-)


The limey is right. The Brits had extensive marksman training, and the turned down bolt of the British Enfield made for rapid fire.

As to the Springfield rifle, the original cartridge for the springfield was a round nosed 200 grain bullet with considerably less velocity than any of the european cartridges. The Springfields were immediately redesigned to use a pointed bullet of 150 grains. it is the second cartridge which is known as the 30.06, and the previous model was the 30.03.

It was my understanding that the US ceased making payment under royalty just before or during the first world war.

Frankly not Frank

Yes, it was the SMLE that had/has a rapid fire ability greater than any other military bolt action rifle, that I know of.
From my reading I have determined that when the rifle was designed the powers that be said don't worry about the patents, just design a rifle and we'll sort the patents out later. Later as I know was after WWI and payments to Mauser were made amounting to $ 200,000 (200K). These payments as best I know were only for the patent involving the charger/stripper clip method of loading.
That's about what I know, at least think I know.
The 1893 Spanish Mauser was a good and effective rifle. The 7mm cartridge may, in my opinion be one, if not the best infantry cartriged ever to hit the pavement/dirt.
The study of these things will never stop and that's a good thing.


What great technology! Plus technology keeps getting more economical now, and that’s what people really notice. Wind energy, solar power, hybrids and zap EV’s, our choices are good. There are now electric cars being sold everyday, you just plug it into a regular power outlet. When people test drive them they say it’s far more fun to drive an EV.

owen lee

can anyone help? I have a springfield 1903 # 12375X ((\)) and on barrel it reads RA a bomb and 2-43 can anyone tell me about it ?

Tom Renney

I believe the RA may refer to the armoury which produced your rifle - the springfields were made in 2 armouries that I know of. The Springfield armoury and the Rock Island armoury. The weapons produced at springfield armoury had case hardened breaches and only 100 were made and given as commemorative awards to retiring cavalry officers. The Rock Island armoury produced many more weapons that were intended for general use. I once owned a Springfield armoury 1903 30.06 and so I did a little research, although some of it may not be correct as sources were difficult to find.


The german Mauser 98 family has been called the best bolt action rifle ever made. Springfield is just americanised version of this great rifle.


Tom, my military books do not agree with your claim of only 100 springfields and RA should stand for Remington Arms who also made springfields and aperantly did so at rock island arsenal. other private contractors also produced springfields. Mine was built at the springfield arsenal ser #1394326, thats an awful big ser. # for only 100 rifles!

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