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June 29, 2008


Matt Weyen

Have you been using a backpack at all this summer? Looking forward to a big trip myself!

Matt Weyen

I'm missing out on the good backpacking posts... what have you been up to?

Chris Townsend

I thought Lowe Alpine made the first internal frame pack in 1967?

Ray Curnutt

I had one of these ( a blue one, just like the picture) I purchased about 1975 and used through the 70's. Many, many good memories of Sierra trips.


Like Ray, I picked up a blue one in (probably) 1975. Bushwhacking on skis in winter, continental divide in summer, 5 months in Europe on $10/day. (Yes, kids, you heard that right.)

Lots of great memories.

Erik Johnsrud

I used this pack for a year traveling Europe and Morocco in 1974-75. My fifteen year old son is now big enough to use it on our backpacking trips!

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