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March 02, 2005


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JS Sahai

My mother used to makle ice-cream on sundays with this cranking machine and sell it to send us to school.
thanks for documenting it!

Guadeloupe, French West Indies.


I have many fond memories of sitting on the old front porch hand cranking the ice cream freezer. I bought one so my kids could experience this treat, but had to buy a cheap electric because the hand crank ones are so expensive. Its just not the same. :(


hello i wouldlike toknowif in french metropol one can find this ace cream duval thank you with all pepool whol can answer me


Anyone have any idea on where to get information on old hand crank ice cream machines, esp. the KitchenAid brand?...Thanks in advance!


ooo thanks i needed tha info for a project you rele need a put more info on the internet about ice cream makers!
ThAnKs AlOt:]


heather ritz

Thanks this web site has helped me alot on my history day report. You all need to get some more information on here though.


I live in japan.
I'm gethering date about ice cream and dessart.
please link your this site.

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