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February 01, 2005


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Roller Chains

Yes indeed - actually Hans Renold Invented the Roller Bush Chain in 1879 - sorry to be pedantic. That's a great little picture of the roller / bush chain and it's good to see interest in our favourite subject. For more information on Renold's Chains - follow the link: http://www.renold.com/Renold/Web/Site/Products/TransmissionChainSprockets/TransmissionChainIndexPage.asp


Rick Marcus

I'm looking for some .25" pitch roller chain in which the roller really rolls. All of the .25" 'roller chain' I've found does not have a roller that really rolls.

I'd appreciate any help.

Rick Marcus


What was wrong with the direct drive system? I'm always having issues with my chain system and everyone I know has issues with theirs. Does anyone know why direct drive was abandoned? Thanks

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